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The term "sales funnel" has been invented by Elias St. Elmo Lewis. Little did he knew that 100 years later the messengers will fit perfectly into his concept. We do know that, and so we present you some ideas for increasing the conversion.


  • To scale up sales. Messengers open wide automation possibilities that can help to increase sales without any significant expenses.
  • To capture leads over a new channel. According to Google research, two-thirds of smartphone owners use messengers at least five times a day. About the same amount of users prefer texting to companies rather than calling them. Messengers have become not just another point of contact with the client: for many people it is now the most convenient way of communication.


Principle of a sales funnel work

Traditionally a sales funnel consists of acquaintance, interest, desire and action. The first step is to attract attention by advertising. After that the company and the product are presented: as a rule, nowadays it happens on a website or on a landing page.

The purpose of the website is to form a client's desire so that he or she could perform a targeted action. This is either a direct sale (which closes the funnel), or a contact with the company - for example, via the messenger - so that the manager could complete the transaction. Then, if you care about your clients' loyalty, the funnel will restart.

We present four ways of expanding the funnel to increase conversion. Initiate the contact in advance and make clients understand: they can text you any time.


Why do you need it: it simplifies the analysis of client requests and behavior.

The CRM system helps manage the client's warm-up process, analyze his or her behavior and make him/her come back for a secondary sale. Messengers act as a place where the client can easily communicate with the brand. The user information is stored in one place, so after contacting a person via messengers you can follow him/her up with the targeted and contextual advertising.

So it is crucial for messengers to be able to integrate into both large CRM-systems like amoCRM or Bitrix24 and self-written solutions.


Why do you need them: they increase conversion by an average of 15%.

The concept of a messenger funnel was borrowed from e-mail marketing. Basically, you lead a client to a purchase automatically by following certain steps, which are developed in advance.

  • According to the studies of the omnichannel platform Chat2Desk, the opening rate in messengers reaches up to 97%. It is three times higher than in e-mail marketing.
  • The messenger finnels are interactive: if a user replies, an operator instantly gets a feedback and can modify the communication.
  • Messengers keep the chat history: no message is removed from the user's dialogue list – unlike, for example, when receiving push notifications.


Scripts in Chat2Desk

Why do you need them: they customize the messenger set-up and help at every level of a sales funnel.

This is an automation mechanism that adds several new features to messengers:

  • Send a business card via WhatsApp to each person who called your company;
  • Filter messages by topic and suggest clients to subscribe to a messenger funnel based on their interests;
  • Automatically generate a payment link to complete the sale.


Why do you need it: it speeds up the work of the sales department.

Answer bot analyzes incoming messages, identifies keywords and performs specified actions. When configured correctly, it can help you make sales: the bot will consult about the product features, gather information about delivery details and create lead forms, that will help sales department easily complete the transaction.


Expanding the sales funnel with messengers is not only about automation and convenience for clients. The chat center allows companies to analyze each action and identify weaknesses in the sales process. After all, if different users ask questions, being on the same page, a simple change of the text on the site may increase the conversion. 

How do I benefit from this?

Contact us via the widget on the website and our managers will find solutions that will help to optimize your sales funnel.


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