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Messengers are capable of more than just selling and providing client support. Let's talk about the cases where usual tools help to solve unexpected tasks.

1. Corporate trainings

The tool will be useful for large developing companies, that employ many staff members with the same responsibilities. Don't waste your time training newcomers – let the fitting in process happen automatically. The algorithm is simple. 

1. Connect to Chat2Desk.

2. Describe the duties, responsibilities, corporate ethics and difficulties that an employee can face on his or her position. Batch it to an automated messenger funnel.

3. Make each new employee subscribe to the training funnel.

4. During the probation period (or any other suitable time) an employee will receive instructions via messengers.

Profit: the feature frees up the management, while the newcomers seamlessly blend in.

2. Enrolling for webinars

Assign a tag to registered clients and sign them up for a messenger funnel that:

  • will send them a link to the webinar;

  • will remind them several times about the webinar and alert them about it starting;

  • send some preliminary information about speakers and the subject;

  • will provide additional material;

  • gather feedback;

  • will suggest registering for the next event;

  • and will do all of the above automatically. 

3. Accounting chat bot

For those companies that work on a subscription basis, Chat2Desk will make it easier to remind clients of their payments.

  1. Assign a tag to clients who have paid for a subscription. Enter the amount to be paid and the date of invoice formation to the client profile.

  2. Configure a bot that will generate an invoice based on the information from the client’s profile. The invoice will be sent only to those clients who have the specified tag.

  3. After the invoice is formed, the client will have several days to pay, during which the bot will remind him/her about the payment.

There is another way to connect messengers and the accounting department – it is suitable for those companies that need to know the client's turnover. Integrate the accounting system (e.g. 1C) directly into Chat2Desk and create a custom "Revenue" field in the client profile. The platform will automatically update the field with the relevant information.

4. WhatsApp business cards

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger worldwide: it has 1.5 billion active monthly users in over 180 countries. Therefore, it is handy to establish a messenger connection even when a client contacts you over the phone. After the conversation, the program will automatically send a text to the same phone number, which will include:

  • a greeting;

  • the name of the company;

  • gratitude for making a call;

  • suggestion to stay in touch on WhatsApp and ask any questions.

This way, you will consolidate the result of the call and give the client an easy opportunity to contact you.

Find new ways

Chat2Desk flexibility allows the platform to adapt to any business needs. Scripts, chatbots, API integrations – all these features allow you to configure the system that will work best. Text us on any messenger, and we will find individual solutions for you.

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