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If you use Bitrix24 and plan to communicate with your customers via messenger, then this article is for you. We'll talk about integration of chat centre and CRM system. Such a combination integrates the strengths of Chat2Desk and Bitrix24 to form a convenient tool for business. What does it mean? Read on.


  1. How integration works
  2. Benefits of integrating Bitrix24 and Chat2Desk
  3. How to enable integration
  4. How much does it cost to integrate Bitrix24 and messengers

How integration works

There are two scenarios: you can chat with customers in WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber directly from Bitrix24 through Open lines or from Chat2Desk. The system will prompt you to choose the way when you install the integration.

They look like this:

  1. Via Open Channel in Bitrix24

Go to Contact Center section and find Chat2Desk among connected messengers. Then you can communicate with customers through Bitrix24 interface.


  1. Via Chat2Desk

You are communicating with a new client via Chat2Desk. After you click “Close Dialogue” button, the CRM system will automatically create a client card. Dialogue history and future correspondence will be pulled up in “Comments” section.

Benefits of integrating Bitrix24 and Chat2Desk 

  • Messengers and social networks

Communicate with customers in WhatsApp Business API, Viber, Instagram*, Telegram, Facebook*, and VKontakte. You can also connect your channel via API. Dialogues are conducted in the Bitrix24 or Chat2Desk interface.

The advantage: new audience that uses messengers.

  • Communication automation

The chat centre has:
—    chatbots – recognise keywords in a message and send an appropriate response;
—    autofunnels or sales tunnels – automatically send a chain of warming messages in messengers;
—    autoresponders – automatically greet or say goodbye to customers;
—    self-service menus – analogous to IVR menus, where you are prompted to select the subject of the call.

The system will communicate with your customers independently. Under your control, of course. 

The advantage: reduction of costs for operators and round-the-clock customer support.

  • Text first

Thanks to the “Text first” option, you can start a dialogue on WhatsApp even with customers you haven't spoken to yet. WhatsApp usually blocks a number or the entire company for frequent outgoing messages because it considers them spam. “Text first” will keep you from getting blocked.

The advantage: no blocking and the ability to start a dialogue yourself.

  • Customer transfer in Bitrix24

Dialogs with customers won't get lost somewhere in the messenger history. A card will appear for new customers in the CRM system. The dialog will be pulled from the messenger as a comment to the same card. This comment will include all subsequent correspondence.

The advantage: saving of contacts and fast access to the history of correspondence.

  • Control of managers

If managers are communicating with customers from their personal accounts, they cannot be controlled by their supervisors. In the chat centre, the conversations are visible to supervisors, who can promptly correct an operator and give advice on how to deal with a customer.

The advantage: the control of the correspondence and the timely assistance.

  • On-site support

Chat2Desk has its own messenger widget, which is embedded on the site. If clients have a question about a product or service, they will be able to ask it directly from the page he is on. At that point, the query is as relevant as possible and the user is already warm.

The advantage: engaging the warm leads.

  • Chat distribution

The system automatically allocates chats to operators. It takes into account the status of a user (online/offline, on holiday, on lunch, etc.), the number of open dialogs, and the qualifications of employees. Therefore, in the case of an influx of customers, all operators will receive the load according to their abilities.

The advantage: evenly distributed workload of the employees.

  • Remote Work

Chat2Desk has a mobile app for iOS and Android. That means you can chat with clients in traffic, on the underground, from home and even from holiday (for the most dedicated). Conversations will also be saved in Bitrix24.

The advantage: you're always in touch with your customers.

  • Analytics

When communicating via Chat2Desk you will receive data from analytics systems: url, utm, yandex_id, google_id, comagic_id, roistat_visit. This data is recorded in client's CRM-system. The analytics will show where the clients came from or what product they were researching when he decided to text. So you'll know which pages sell better, which sites bring in more customers, and you can adjust your marketing activity.

The advantage: Track traffic and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising.

How to enable integration

  1. Register in Chat2Desk

Text us via the widget in the bottom right corner of your screen. The sales department will explain how to connect new messengers. Or create an account by yourself – click “Register” button in the top right corner of the screen and follow the instructions.

  1. Install Chat2Desk in Bitrix24

Open your Bitrix24 account > Market > type “Chat2Desk” in search bar > click “Install”.

Or follow this link: https://www.bitrix24.ru/apps/?app=1gt.chat2desk

  1. Link Chat2Desk and Bitrix24 accounts

Open Chat2Desk account, go to Settings > API and copy API token. After that, go back to Bitrix24 and enter token.

  1. Select integration type

Select Chat2Desk or Open Channel. We wrote a little bit above about the difference between integration types.

Integration is set up.

How much does it cost to integrate Bitrix24 and messengers?

Chat2Desk and Bitrix24 integration is free. You pay only for each platform rates and additional options. Prices for Chat2Desk functionality are here.

If you want to get everything out of the integration, we advise you to connect these features:

WhatsApp is used by 2 billion people across the globe. Your audience is among them. With an official WhatsApp Business API account, you can communicate with your customers without restrictions.

Scripts in combination with WhatsApp Business API form a WhatsApp Business Card. This is an automated message that comes to a client after a call. It is needed to establish contact with a user, save it in the messenger and not to lose it in the future.


Do You use Bitrix24? Text us, and we will help you set up integration with messengers.

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