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Companies with a lot of customers are constantly searching for ways of process optimization. This Article describes how to improve communication with customers customers – why a chat center is more profitable than a telephone, how to set up authentication via messengers, and why official WhatsApp is necessary.

For Whom Is This Article?  

  • Banks
  • Brokers
  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Any companies with a lot of physical customers which receive many standard requests

Why Do Financial Organizations Need Chat Centers?

  • They help avoid extra expenses.
  • They help optimize communication with customers.
  • They help monitor the work of employees.
  • They help unify the activities of subdivisions in various countries using a single interface.
  • They help analyse messenger traffic.

Up to 90% of requests can be transferred to messengers and up to 30% of work can be automated thanks to a chat center. As a result, expenses decrease. Chats make it unnecessary to pay more for telephony and bots are cheaper than operators.

Moreover, it is messengers which are the best channel for customer support and notification distribution. When you call, a customer does not always pick up. They can be at a meeting, in the subway, or in a tunnel. Their smartphone can be dead or mute. If you send a message, it will be delivered to all users who have the corresponding messenger so you will be able to trace the delivery and reading.

An additional advantage is that people have more trust in messenger chats. Telephone notifications are often pronounced by a robot. When a customer hears it, they can hang up not waiting for the end. Chat messages are received from a known account and saved in the history.

Automate Your Processes With or Without Artificial Intelligence

The classic automation is a service menu (operating on the basis of commands) or a chatbot (operating on the basis of keyword recognition). Both options involve answers which you have to add to the base by yourself so that they are sent to a customer in respective cases. Although these algorithms are simple, they can reduce personnel load significantly. For example, set up the system so that it distributes first line questions among departments, answers to frequently asked questions, or carries out routine operations such as card blocking or account balance provision.

There is a more advanced solution as well. You can connect artificial intelligence to a chatbot. This option is hardly suitable for small companies. But financial organizations usually have a sufficient database which can be used by neural networks to learn how to communicate with customers. Artificial intelligence is advantageous because it is able to improve its skills as it is gaining experience, and to forecast customer behaviour. Even if it does not respond directly, an artificial intelligence used to give tips will accelerate operator work significantly.

Authentication via Messengers

How to set up automation if messengers are not bound to a profile? For example, the balance state is one of the most standard requests but a financial organization may provide such information to authorized users only.
Chat2Desk has developed authentication via messengers for this case. It means that a messenger account is bound to a customer’s profile. It is convenient for both a user (they do not have to call or go to their profile), and operators (information can be automatically sent to an authorized dialogue).

Authentication Process

  1. A customer sends their telephone or profile number to a messenger.
  2. The system starts a respective sales funnel with scripts connected.
  3. A passcode is sent to the e-mail bound to the telephone or profile.
  4. The customer enters the passcode to the messenger dialogue.
  5. Upon code comparison, the account ID connects to the profile. Further authorizations are not required.

In order to ensure security, data are transferred via a protected channel with a system blocking suspicious traffic.

Connect WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API makes it possible to distribute transactional messages in the form of templates. This option is relevant for many financial organizations. The function is paid but you pay only for delivered messages. If a customer responds, further messaging will be free for 24 hours.

Individual Approach

A Statista study published in July 2023 confirms that communication applications are the most popular functions available for smartphone users. Moreover, it is exactly how companies can automate their processes efficiently in order to reduce expenses for communication with customers. Write to Chat2Desk using a widget in the screen corner and we will customize a solution for you.

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