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Having an account blocked by a bank while being on vacation is hardly anybody’s dream holiday. Going to the bank might be impossible since the vacation often is spent in another country, calling the office is an option, but international calls tend to be kind of pricey. So in case it happens it’s nice to be able to solve the problem remotely.

An ultimate way to keep customer loyal is to provide him or her with an opportunity to text in any convenient messenger. Enter automated chat center.

Why does bank need it?

Automation and banking have been friends for quite a while. But still not every organization has a chat center, which is convenient enough both for clients and for employees. Each day banks operate with huge amount of data and requests, so it’s almost impossible to succeed without bots, scripts and artificial intelligence. According to Accenture, automation allows financial organizations to reduce costs by up to 80%.

Chat center automation for banks

Pros for clients

  • They want to quickly get the information without having to visit the office or to wait for the answer on the phone.
  • They want to be fully informed, starting from their account balance and to templates for documents.
  • They want to discuss serious questions regarding their bank account even while being away or ill.
  • They don’t want to wait, and messengers imply instant responds.

Pros for banks

  • Templates accelerate the working process.
  • Chat bots and self-service menu take part of the job off the operators, so it becomes possible to process more requests with fewer employees.
  • You can install services on your own servers.
  • It is even possible to automate staff trainings by preparing relevant message tunnels that can automatically be sent one by one.

Simplicity and minimalism

The most obvious automation option includes self-service menus, answer bot, scripts, and scenarios in chatbot builder. These tools serve for accelerating operator’s work, efficiency increase and cost savings.

The self-service menu satisfies up to 20% of clients’ needs without disturbing an operator. If the problem cannot be solved automatically, the menu transfers the chat to a real person. It uses the same method as IVR and can be upgraded to scripts and answer bot. All three help lighten the load of operators and reduce the average answer time.

Scenarios are, basically, the automated funnels. They are series of messages that help to warm up the client. For example, it can be used when the user wants to open a bank account for a legal entity, but after a conversation decides to consider different options. The operator then tags the client as a legal entity, and the client automatically will be lead to signing a contract.

These tools are the basics that works perfectly well. But chat center can become a masterpiece with a little bit of imagination.

Chat center automation for banks

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a program that can learn automatically, analyze dialogues and predict future developments. This system adapts to business needs and communicates with a client almost as if it were a real person – just much faster. For example, thanks to machine learning JP Morgan Chase & Co was able to reduce the time spent on daily financial routines from 360 thousand of hours to a few seconds a year.

How to use AI in banking:

  • use the database that you already have for training AI: it analyzes the replies, creates patterns and then adds new replies to the same base to continue learning:
  • help customers: AI can choose the best option out of those that client has, so it will provide any particular client with the most suitable choice.

Chat2Desk business chat center has a ready-made integration with Data Monsters, Nanosemantics, Omilia virtual assistant. We can design an integration with any other AI of your choice as well.

On-premises connections

When using third-side services, banks and financial organizations always face the issue of personal data privacy.  To make it simpler, use on-premises, or in-house, connections. This way you will be able to use your own servers and stop worrying about confidentiality.

Open API magic

Moving the workflow to the business chat center allows you to integrate messengers with:

  • banking software, such as SAP, MS Dynamics CRM and others:
  • Active Directory;
  • any other technology of your choice.

Apart from that, Chat2Desk can be integrated with clients’ personal accounts or mobile app. So, if a client sends a request directly from his or her account, the operator will immediately see all related information.

Why choose Chat2Desk?

The modular architecture of the service allows you to refine and personalize it in any possible way. We are willing to connect to other instant messengers, implement new functions, customize integrations and search for new solutions. Text us in any messenger via the widget to automate your chat center today.

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