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You can hardly imagine shopping without a mobile phone nowadays. Even clients that visit brick-and-mortar stores keep comparing prices and looking for reviews online. And if they cannot contact your company the way they want to, i.e. text in Facebook* and Viber or make an actual phone call, you lose them. Omnichannel strategy is no longer a trend, it is a necessity.

What is omnichannel?

Basically, it is a cross-channel strategy which unites all possible ways to communicate with a customer to a single system. Omnichannel helps a client move through the sales funnel with less effort. This strategy, first of all, requires providing a possibility to contact you in any possible way:

  • via social networks and messengers;
  • via e-mail:
  • by telephone;
  • using the feedback forms on the website.

But omnichannel doesn’t only mean to be presented on each and every communication channel. They also must be connected to the same system, maintain the similar level of service quality and have the single development strategy. And most importantly, the whole system must be comfortable for a client to seamlessly switch between the channels.

However, omnichannel is still less popular in business than multichannel. The main difference between two is that the latter doesn’t require channels to be connected in any way. This means that a client can text you in Facebook* first, get an instant response, and then send a message to Instagram* Direct and not get any reply in a week.

Omnichannel keeps you from making these mistakes. To implement it to your workflow you will need a messaging platform which allows to process all messages in a single window.

Useful numbers

  • Companies that use omnichannel approach retain 89% of clients. The ones that use a different strategy have only 33% rate.
  • 61% of clients feel uncomfortable when they must switch between different support channels. On the top of that, 89% find it annoying to repeat the request to several company representatives.
  • Omnichannel clients LTV is 30% higher than of those who stick with only one channel for purchases.
  • 90% of clients expect companies to provide seamless experience across the channels.
  • At the same time, 55% of companies do not have a multi-channel strategy, and 64% of marketers suffer from lack of resources and funds to implement an omnichannel approach.

This means, first of all, that clients need companies to be omnichannel. Which leads to another point: a company needs to be omnichannel too, because it all revolves around clients needs these days. And, secondly, implementing omnichannel approach allows you to overtake your competitors.

One is not enough: if a client wants to text in Instagram* when you have only Viber, there’s no way he or she is going to install another app just to get closer to you. It’s you who must make the first step.

Advantages of omnichannel

Advantages of omnichannel

Chat2Desk unites three kinds of tasks: to find new clients, to provide support for existing ones and to automate sales.

1. The platform allows to activate the whole package: WhatsApp™, Viber, VK, Telegram, Facebook* Messenger, Instagram*, Live Chat, Skype and WeChat. The service supports Yandex Dialogues, e-mail and voice calls as well. You can reach the clients via more than 10 channels.

2. All requests are processed in a single window, and you can hire up to 1000 operators. This guarantees:

  • that the service throughout all channels are the same quality;
  • than no request is lost;
  • that the service can be provided 24/7 if needed.

3. Chat bots help automate request processing, while customized scripts expand the platform possibilities.

4.The messengers allow to automate sales funnels as well. You may prepare the messages in advance and send them to clients to get them through the whole funnel, while operators process more urgent messages. The script can be easily corrected if a client replies.

5. The operators work quality can be evaluated by clients. Set the ratings to be sent to the dialogues after the request was solved and get the feedback, thus allowing yourself to make up for any possible mistakes.

6. Omnichannel platform integrates to CRM systems and collects client info from all channels, creating a versatile client portrait. The better marketers know their audience, the more result they get.

7. The reports are another way to get to know your audience better. You can automatically download the aggregated statistics and see the growth demonstrated visually on the graphs.

Work on loyalty

Omnichannel is not only being on messengers, social networks and search engines. This business model connects different channels into a system and allows a client to communicate with the company comfortably and seamlessly. And this is the main purpose of creating brand loyalty, which is essential for improving your sales figures.

*according to V12 company

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