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Automation opens up a world of self-service: people check in their luggage at the airport, book apartments, make appointments with doctors and order pizza, all by themselves. Contact centers are no exception. With the rise of artificial intelligence, even complex issues can be solved without operators.

Experts of Gartner consulting company predict that by 2020 85% of customer interactions with companies will be automated. The virtual assistant guarantees efficiency, convenience and reliability. We present five reasons why the future of contact centers is directly related to AI.

1. Preventive work

Artificial Intelligence has capabilities that are beyond human reach. Instant analysis of databases, client's history, website or application behavior, and of the problems that arise - all this provides not only a quality service, but also a potential "work ahead of the curve".

It is expected that soon AI will understand what the clients want even before clients realize it themselves. This will automatically reduce the number of complaints, and users will be more satisfied with the quality of the service.

2. Cost savings

Sounds controversial at first glance: any manager understands that the artificial intelligence and its training require investment. And yet, with artificial intelligence, the company will save money on salaries of employees substituted by artificial intelligence and on training of new operators in case of staff turnover and business expansion.

The latter is useful for companies that are reorganizing or reforming their workflow: you do not have to retrain the whole team, it is enough to reconfigure the software.

In addition, artificial intelligence needs to be trained only once. It means that there will be no regular investments in the work of HR-department and no expenses for annual bonuses. The cost of servers and maintenance is much cheaper.

3. Advantages of self-service

We see how the interaction between clients and business is changing. For example, millennials avoid any communication and prefer to find solutions to their problems on their own. This technically savvy category of clients uses FAQs, forums, online chats and bots. 75% of millennials believe that solving problems over the phone is less effective.

The next generation is likely to rely even more on themselves. Therefore, a high tech support service will become critical for interacting with this type of call. Any company that is not ready to adapt runs the risk of being rejected by future clients.

Advantages of self-service

4. Speed

Moving communication with the client into the digital environment speeds up problem solving, resulting in more customer satisfaction after contacting the company. Chat bots are not limited by their typing speed or searching for information: they instantly analyze databases and provide answers. A virtual assistant can increase the response time of tier-1 questions by up to 99 percent*.

Not only is the AI faster on its own, it also helps increase operator productivity. Hybrid communications are becoming increasingly popular. Virtual intelligence provides real-time information to operators and eliminates the need to manually search through huge amounts of information.

5. Instant scalability of processes

Thanks to new technologies, businesses are now able to scale up client service at unprecedented speeds, even when resources are limited. For example, a chat bot can work as an interactive FAQ, advising clients and solving thousands of requests without involving operators in the process.

Connecting artificial intelligence to the bot improves the overall communication process. The self-training of AI – as well as its ability to learn in the process – makes it possible to move to new geographic markets without limitations in terms of language.

What a wonderful world

Respond to client’s requests faster and more accurately. Virtual assistants are designed to make the work more productive, reduce contact center costs and increase sales – after all, customer loyalty correlates with increasing profits. Artificial Intelligence will handle the tier-1 issues perfectly, freeing up operators' time to deal with contentious and complex issues.

Chat2Desk offers integration with an assistant Omilia, Nanosemantics, Data Monsters and any other AI of your choice.

*According to the Autodesk and IBM case.

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