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Token change for Telegram API

  1. Open Telegram app from the account you used to create the bot, then open a chat with @BotFather. 
  2. Execute the /mybots command and select the required bot.
  3. Click API Token button, then Revoke current token. The message from the bot will include the new token.

  1. Enter the new token in Chat2Desk under Settings > Accounts by clicking on the pencil next to Telegram.


1) I don't have access to the bot 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to generate a new token without access. Please restore access, and after that set up the configuration. 

2) I don't have access, but another employee does 

It is possible to transfer the rights to the bot. To do this, go to BotFather, run the /mybots command. Then select the desired bot and execute the Transfer Ownership command. Here you can specify the username of the new owner.

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