How to work with WhatsApp Business API templates (WhatsApp Dialog360)

How to send HSM-template to a client?

First of all, you should read the rules for registering and adding templates to your account. You can do this in your personal account.

To send an HSM template to a client, use a specially generated message in Chat2Desk consisting of several lines. Use the Shift + Enter combination to break the line.

An example of WhatsApp Business API template usage is shown in the table:

Line number Content Example
Строка 1 @HSM@ @HSM@
Строка 2


The name of the template should be specified using the low line. The language is to be specified in format en/ru



Строка 3

header|attachment type

This line should be written only if there are attachments. Available types are: image, document, video and text (up to 60 characters). 




Строка 4

body|data type

Here the data type can be only text up to 1024 charactersAfter the vertical bar there must be a template variable (operator name, client name, etc.)

Variables can be only in body. If there are several variables, the should be specified one after the other with a vertical line.




body|text|Operator's name|Order number

Строка 5

footer|content type

Content type in footer must be only text up to 60 characters.



body|text|Operator's name|Order number

footer|text|Thank you for request

This is what an HSM template with two variables looks like:

If a component does not require variables, it is not specified in the markup. For example, the footer or body can be without variables.

Sending media HSM-template

WhatsApp Business API provider Dialog360 allows sending media templates with attachments: photos, documents, contacts, etc. to customers.

After the media template is created and approved in Dialog360 personal account, you can send it from Chat2Desk using an additional variable |media:

Only one attachment can go to the template. It is attached to the message as an attachment. The image parameter is specified in the header.

The variables are separated by a vertical line. If there are buttons in the template, you do not have to specify them separately.

The media template will look like this:

Where to find the number of HSM-templates left?

If you want to find out how many HSM-templates are available for sending, you should go to Settings > Accounts & channels section, then unfold required channel and click on the pencil icon next to the WhatsApp logo.

How to change Display Name and Profile Picture?

You have an option to change your Display Name and Profile Picture in your personal account.

The rules for Display Name change you can find here.
If you want to change your Profile Picture, click on Show details, go to Profile tab and press Change Profile Picture button.



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