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Chat filters

Sets allow you to select any combination you need, for example:  

  • expired chats of a given group of operators;
  • chats only in Telegram, online chat or any other preset messenger;
  • chats with residents of a certain country (the location is determined by the mobile phone code);
  • chats with the specified tags;
  • single-client chats.

By default, there are 3 sets of filters in the cabinet of each operator, which can be edited and deleted:

  • overdue;
  • open;
  • unread.

How to create a set?

  1. Open the filter window. To do this, click on the funnel icon in All Chats or My Chats.

  1. Set up the necessary set: for example, unread messages, USA and Canada, Facebook*.

  1. Tap the icon with a floppy disk to save the set.

  1. Enter a name for the set and click Save.

  1. The saved set will be displayed in My Chats.

How to use a set?


By clicking on the set, you will see the corresponding chats. The number of sets is not limited, the sets are displayed alphabetically.

To change a set, click on its name. Then open the Filters panel, change the sort criteria and click on the floppy disk icon. The new version of the set will be saved. To rename or delete a set, click on the three points next to its name.

  • Each operator can create their own sets, which will only be displayed in their personal cabinet.
  • If a set does not contain chats, its name becomes semi-transparent.
  • The number of chats in sets is updated when you refresh the page and select any set. If the number of chats exceeds 100, the number of chats in the set will be displayed as 100+.
  • You can set up a set of chats with one important client. To do this, specify the dialog ID or phone number of the client in the search field when creating sort criteria. Select the appropriate field in the pop-up menu and specify the client data. Dialog ID consists of 7 digits, and is specified in the URL of the chat with the client.


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