How do I configure a self-service menu?

Self-service menu is the equivalent of Interactive Voice Response, designed to work with messengers effectively. It allows clients to get immediate automated replies to frequently asked questions, and less operators are needed to process the same amount of requests.

The menu constitutes a sequence of commands. Client sends those commands to the dialogue as a text or simply by pressing quick reply buttons. The menu layout depends on the interface of a messenger you chose.

After a client sends a command to a dialogue, either he or she goes up one level or receives a reply.

1. Select a channel

You can configure independent self-service menus for each of your channels.

2. Invintation

Enter the text which will be sent to a client after a greeting: e.g. invitation to select a menu item.

3. Create menu items

Each item must be unique. A client can get to any particular menu item if he or she knows a unique command of this item.

There are several system commands which cannot be used while creating a menu.

  • «00» is used to get to the start from any level.
  • «000» is used to go one level down.
  • «End» closes the dialogue.

3.1. Parent item

An item of a previous level, where you can call other created items. 

3.2. Shortcode

A number or a word which the client needs to send to activate an item. We recommend using numbers to eliminate words typos.

3.3. Name

Item name displayed to a client. We recommend the name to be 20 symbols max.

3.4. Reply text

Enter the text that the client will receive after selecting this item.

3.5. Reply file

Add an image, PDF or DOC to your reply.

3.6. Assign chat to

Activate this feature to assign chats to an operator or an operator group after selecting this item. When assigned to a group, a particular operator will be selected by the system.

3.7. Assign tag to a request

Assign tags to requests of the clients who selected this item. Tags can be configured in Settings > Tags&Requests.

Tags are useful for:

  • recording request topics: make a client select it using self-service menu, and you will be able to get statistical data using Aggregated statistics feature.  
  • automated sales funnels: it can be launched by assigning a certain tag.

3.8. Calling the script function

Specify the Python-written script function which starts when selecting this item. Configure scripts in Settings.

3.9. Call URL

Chat2Desk can call URL directly from self-survice menu and copy the reply that was received from URL.

Additional info

  • It is possible to show menu commands as quick reply buttons in Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Viber Public, Online chat.
  • Disable the menu when chat center is offline.
  • You can configure the menu so that it would not work with clients who contact the company for the second time in the last 12 hours.
  • Use variables %client and %hello, as well as emoji, to personalize dialogues.
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