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Логотип Chat2Desk

The standard Help Desk associates with the IT Department. Chat2Desk extends the meaning of the term. Instant messengers allow now to use Help Desk service to solve any customer’s problem.

What is Help Desk in general sense

Briefly, it is the synonym for the Support Center. In other words, Help Desk is an automation service that provides assistance for the clients. A customer registers a request, which is after processed by company employees.

Messengers nowadays became one of the biggest channels for accepting applications – along with e-mails, website forms and client portals. According to Techcrunch, each month 2,5 bln unique users use at least one of Facebook* apps. Among them you’ll find Messenger (1,3 bln monthly users), WhatsApp™ (1,5 bln) and Instagram* (1 bln), which is not a messenger per se, but Direct gains popularity so fast that lately it got its own voice messages.

How Help Desk works in Messengers

Let’s say, a passenger loses scarf at the airport. He checks out the website or the billboard, finds Help Desk contacts, texts to Facebook™* Messenger, and the operator quickly explains how to get to Lost and Found.

A similar scheme works in other kinds of situations. Support Center operators will advise clients on technical issues, help do the shopping and receive complaints about the product.

And it is convenient to use Help Desk inside the company as well. If a checkout cashier broke down or a light bulb burned out, the employee simply sends a message and voila! the help is on its way.

Why do your customers need Help Desk (and your business does too)

1. It increases your average speed of answer, and here’s why:

  • operators have access to all their dialogs from one window;
  • you can have up to 1000 operators, but if that is still not enough…
  • …there is a bunch of possibilities to automate your work by creating templates, autoreplies and chat bots, as well as by using the self-service menu, which divides clients between operators depending on the purpose of the request.

2. You accumulate complaints in one system, which allows to:

  • communicate directly from your favorite CRM and save all the data you might need in the future;
  • create an efficient sales funnel directly in messengers;
  • analyze whether the customer is satisfied and whether the operator succeed in doing his job.

3. You see client’s loyalty growing.

The support center itself has a positive effect on brand attitudes. According to Calabrio research, receiving a feedback from the company makes half of the clients more loyal. And 48% find it important that their issue is solved promptly. Messengers satisfy both needs.

Start using Chat Help Desk today

Basic Help Desk options are available in demo mode. To upgrade the full mode, please contact us.

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