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A perfect help desk officer works round-the-clock, learns from his experience and can do without a paycheck. Chat2Desk found a fitting hard worker and is ready to implement it to your business. Get artificial intelligence to process the requests your clients send you.

Follow the giants

In 2017 Netflix saved one billion dollars by using machine learning to create personalized recommendations. Likewise, Amazon reduced the time from the first click to completing the order by 225% only by using automation. Finally, according to Economist Intelligence Unit, 75% of world’s top executives will implement artificial intelligence to the workflow by 2020.  

Artificial intelligence, shortly known as AI, is a computer system with human possibilities. Not only AI is programmed to perform specific actions under certain conditions, it also is capable of learning, developing, analyzing dialogues and predicting the further behavior of the user. It adjusts to new circumstances and works far more precisely than other computer programs.

The advantages of such an “employee” are especially noticeable when processing large amounts of data. AI absorbs the experience of all operators of the company and helps improve and scale business processes without having to increase the staff.

AI in messengers is useful in the following fields:

  • banking and finance;
  • logistics;
  • marketing;
  • media and telecommunications;
  • medicine;
  • insurance;
  • large industrial enterprises.

Of course, no artificial intelligence, even the most advanced one, can completely replace human communications. Atypical requests will always remain. However, adding AI to the workflow gives you a number of advantages.

1. It learns

Artificial intelligence can analyze a request and respond not only according to the pre-written algorithms, but also based on its experience. When first activated, AI downloads the database of all replies to the previous requests. It analyzes this data, identifies typical and atypical cases and learns to behave in similar situations. And the learning never stops: every new request is added to the database, and the replies will become more and more precise overtime.

2. It predicts the future

AI algorithms allow it to do forecasts also based on its experience. For instance, if a client’s problem can be solved in a few different ways, the program will select the most suitable one and will offer to use it.

3. It works 24/7

To provide a continuous support or help desk service with only operators you need to pay salary to several shifts of stuff. AI allows to reduce the number of shifts to one. It will reply to most of the messages and will inform the other clients that their request is being processed.

4. It doesn’t keep clients waiting

Operators possibilities are limited: they can answer to a certain number of clients. The more requests, the bigger team you need. Artificial intelligence responds to customers immediately, without making them wait. This positively affects customer loyalty: the sooner the problem is solved, the more satisfied the client will be.

5. It improves the company image

In addition to technical advantages, artificial intelligence gives a few to your marketing department too. According to PwC consulting company, 43% of millennials are willing to pay more, only to get support from a humanoid robot. And by 2020, companies that use AI will “steal” $1.2 trillion from those enterprises that have not configured integration with similar technologies, adds Forrester.

Start using AI to process clients’ requests

Chat2Desk connects an AI module to any messenger through API. We offer an integration with Data Monsters, Nanosemantics or any other AI of your choice.

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