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Parameters in the app settings via Chat2Desk



The following settings are available under Common to enable or disable additional features

  • Enable notifications about incoming messages – when new incoming messages are sent to Chat2Desk bot will send you notifications in Bitrix24
  • Transfer messages to Open channels – allows when integrating via Chat2Desk to send messages to Open Line, but only if Open Line is configured
  • Sign a phone number to group chat messages – allows you to remove the sender's number from the message text in a group chat (only if the Transfer messages to Open channels function is active).
  • Open dialogs by the link in – when you open a link, the chat is opened in Chat2Desk or in Bitrix24 application.


In the Tags section, you can configure the restriction of incoming messages to Bitrix24 using tags. There are three options for processing tagged messages:

  • Do not process – tags do not affect the dialog transmission to Bitrix24, regardless of their presence or absence.

  • Accept only messages with tags – to transmit dialogs to Bitrix24, you need to use appropriate tags.


  • Do not accept tagged messages – dialogs with corresponding tags will not be transferred to Bitrix24.

First, you need to select the option of processing tagged messages, and then select the tags on which the selected processing will act. 

  • Send past messages to Open channels after tagging the request – after tagging a request within Chat2Desk, you can send previous messages to Open Lines, even if they have not been tagged before.  

This option depends on the Send messages to Open Line setting.


In the Analytics section, you can customize the mapping of deal and lead fields to analytics data and match which fields you want to pass a specific metric to.

  • utm_source – Ad system,
  • utm_medium – Medium,
  • utm_campaign – Ad campaign UTM,
  • utm_content – Campaign contents,
  • utm_term – Campaign search term.

To activate metrics transfer in your Chat2Desk personal cabinet, go to Settings > Web analytics. 

Data on analytics and custom fields are transferred after the Chat2Desk dialog closing event under the following conditions:

  • the corresponding fields have been configured,
  • a record to a lead or a deal has been made.

If you need to output the entire UTM, you need to create and use a Bitrix24 string field.

You can also pass system values from Chat2Desk:

  • client_id – client ID within Chat2Desk,
  • message_id – the ID of the message that started the request;
  • click_time – time of client's transition from external source.

Extra fields

In the Extra fields section, you can configure the mapping of deal and lead fields to Chat2Desk customer card fields.

This allows you to transfer Chat2Desk custom fields to deal and lead fields in Bitrix after the dialog is closed. The fields must be mapped to be transferred. How it looks like:

Chat2Desk field – Deal field – Lead field.


In the Operators section, you can access the operator matching settings, which enable the creation of deals and leads in Bitrix for the person responsible for the dialog in Chat2Desk.

Also, operator mapping allows you to receive notifications in Bitrix correctly about incoming messages and about assigning a person responsible for a dialog from Chat2Desk.

Important! In the Operators section, you need to configure the mapping for notifications to work correctly.

Allows you to send a notification to the person responsible for the dialog in Bitrix about a new incoming message in Chat2Desk. The notification can contain:

  • Client name,
  • Text,
  • Dialog ID,
  • Link to dialog,
  • Links to entities, if there are any.

If there is no person responsible for the dialog, the following notification will be sent to users who are Supervisors in Chat2Desk and if there are no Supervisors, the notifications are sent to the administrator:

When a dialog is assigned to an operator, a notification is sent to the responsible operator:

When an incoming message with a designated responsible person:


In the CRM section, you can find settings where mapping to a CRM entity is established for each communication channel. This configuration determines whether CRM entities are created when a dialog is closed in Chat2Desk.

  • In a Simple mode of CRM operation, a deal is created by default. For deals, you can specify the direction in which they should be created. You can also choose to create a lead, and in this CRM operation mode, the contact, and the deal will be generated by Bitrix24 logic.
  • In Classic CRM mode, a lead is created by default, from which you can manually generate a contact or a company, and a deal. You can also select a deal with the desired direction.
  • If there is no need to process entities for a particular communication channel, you can select the value Do not create entities. When closing, the Chat2Desk dialog in Bitrix24 will not search and create CRM entities.


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