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Bitrix24 CRM modes

Two modes of working with CRM are available in Bitrix24: simple and classic.

Simple CRM

This CRM mode is available in each of Bitrix24 tariffs. In this mode, you are unable to work with leads. Any request, call, or letter will immediately become a client, that is, a contact or a company. Together with the client, Bitrix24 will automatically create a deal as well. This will happen if the appropriate settings are set in mail, telephony, Open Channels, and so on.

Classic CRM

Classic mode is recommended for medium and large businesses. In this mode, every potential contact enters Bitrix24 as a lead.

A lead is any minimal information about a person or a company. When a potential client is already in the CRM, you can contact them and clarify their needs. If the person has shown interest in your offers, you can convert them into customers. This process is called lead conversion. Creating a deal for such a client allows you to continue working with them and immediately record all stages of your interaction in CRM.

Select the required mode in the CRM > Settings > CRM Mode section. You can change your choice at any time in the settings.

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