How do I configure a chat bot?

Chat bot is a program which automatically:

  • replies to clients;
  • assigns tags;
  • runs scripts;
  • assigns chats to operators;
  • performs other sorts of actions.

Chat bot consists of key word sets and replies for each of those sets. Here we will describe the configuration of a chat bot which has only one key word set, but different quantity is possible. Each set itself consists of one or several key word groups.

Chat bots are configured in a relevant settings section. Let’s run through the configuration step by step.

1. Channel

Channel is a group of messenger accounts used to process a particular area of your business. For example, an automotive marketer can use separate channels for different brands of automobiles. You can configure separate chat bots for each channel.

2. Key word sets

Here the existing word sets are displayed. A key word set is triggered only if a message contains at least one word from each group. In the example above chat bot will reply to a question “What is the price of your services?”, but won’t respond to a simple “How much does it cost?”, because the answer requires more details.

We will cover the process of creating a set in paragraphs 8-13 of the manual.

4. Extra options

5. The message that will be sent if none of the sets are triggered

Enter a message that client will get if none of chat bot sets are triggered. If this field is empty, no message will be sent.

6. Operator

Select an operator that can take the dialog over if a chat bot can’t reply.

7. Test a chat bot

Write a test message as if you were a client and click on the Check button. If the chat bot works, a reply and a name of a triggered set will be displayed below.

Creating a key word set

8. Key words for each group

For a key word set to work, a message must contain at least one word from each group. Key words must be separated by the space. A key word can be indicated in only one form, i.e. test would work for testing as well.

9. Stop words that a message must not contain

The field can be filled as key word fields or can be left empty.

10. Here is the text of the reply which client will receive in case the set is triggered

This field is not required: chat bot can also trigger a script, assign tags and perform other actions.

11. Assign chat to…

Select an operator or a group of operators to which a chat will be assigned when the set is triggered. The feature will not be activated if a chat is already assigned to someone.

12. Tags

Specify tags which will be assigned to a client or deleted from his/her card when the set is triggered. For example, tag clients according to key words, so that afterwords you сan analyse all incoming topics over aggregated statistics. An auto sales funnel can also be triggered by a chat bot.

13. Scripts

Specify a script to be triggered. For a detailed configuration go to Settings > Script. A script function must be placed inside Handler class and be named the same as here + "_handler". Here’s an example of how it must look in a script: def macro_call_handler(self, input_data, c2d)

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