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Facebook* trial mode

A new user can use quick start wizard and connect Facebook* public account himself for 15 days trial period.

New input field for operator

In the online chat dialogs, an updated input field for the operator with the following functions has appeared:

  • Text formatting – bold and italics, underline, strikethrough text;

  • Links with description – for example, my favourite site;

New UI for adding attachments:

  • Preview for each file separately
  • Icons for major file types - Audio, Video, PDF, ZIP
  • Ability to add/delete attachments one by one
  • Name, size and file extension shown for each file

Input field and message when sending from the operator:

Message received by the customer

Standard online chat

New online chat

Further plans: new text input field will be available in all dialogs and there will be an ability to formatting the text in messengers.

Renewed modal window Your acount

New UI and functionality of Your account window:

  • New function of changing the operator avatar image
  • (This functionality was deleted from Settings -> Customization page);
  • New UI of operator status change;
  • New color indicator of operator’s status;
  • New settings of operator’s personal notifications
  • (This functionality was deleted from Settings -> General).

Changes in notifications settings

  • Settings are moved from section Settings -> General into modal window Your account.
  • Sound notifications: Alarm sound is changed for the less disturbing one;
  • Desktop notification:  we deleted the setting that allowed you to adjust the duration of notifications display on your desktop;
  • Browser tab notification: ticker on browser tab is replaced with blinking favicon on browser tab.

Operator notification

Operator can set up the following notifications:

  • In My Chats:

    • New messages in active chats;
    • Chat is assigned;
  • In New Chats:
    (Only in case of access to New chats, which is set up by the admin in Settings -> Operators)
    • New messages in active chats;

New section for admin and supervisor to set up notifications in operators’ chats.

Admin and supervisor notifications

When these settings are active:

  • Admin receives notifications about events in all operators’ chats.

  • Supervisor receives notifications about events in operators’ chats to which he has access:

Chat visibilty can depend on setting Limit supervisor access only to chats, assigned to operators, that are included to the same groups as supervisor in Settings -> Operators -> Groups

Other updates

  • Updated widget and online chat are complemented by active design elements: highlighting when hovering over messenger icons, animation for widget opening and online chat.

  • Updates in iOS and Android apps: you can change security settings “on the fly” with no need to restart the app.

For example:
Admin has prohibited the operator to Transfer chat to another operator in Settings -> Security and Access Rights. The settings are now applied to an operator in the mobile app.

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