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VK comments

A year ago, our team made it possible to get comments on Instagram posts and respond to them via Chat2Desk. Now you can similarly respond to VK comments.

Let's recap the way it works: a client leaves you a comment on the post, and then you will see it as a message in Chat2Desk with a picture and a link to the post. You can reply by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the message.

Comments are not charged – the option is included in the cost of integration with VK.

Importing messages from external sources into the chat with the client in Chat2Desk

We've added a feature that allows you to import individual messages (incoming, outgoing, including attachments) from external sources to Chat2Desk using the messages/import (POST) API command.

Imported messages are not included in statistics and do not take part in automation.

This command can be useful for integrations with external services, as well as for importing messages from other chat centers into Chat2Desk.

Precise tracking of URLs and UTM tags on WhatsApp

If this option is enabled, your customers will be prompted with an identifying message as they start a conversation via WhatsApp. It allows you to track URLs and UTM tags from the web page where the client is located.


Collected statistics is available in the client's card and in the Reports section.

Overall redesign of the side menu

We are constantly improving Chat2Desk and adding new features, as well as gradually upgrading the interface of the chat center, making it more modern, so you can work more comfortably.

So here comes the brand-new side menu.

Before: Now:

Every setting is still in place. We only made things tidier, added new icons and grouped it all in a more logical way. For example, there will be a new “Automation” section. Chatbot Builder, Self-Service Menu, Chat Events, Macros, and Autoresponder Bot are now in the same place.

If you feel that the side menu takes up too much space – don't worry, you can hide part of the menu. To do this, just click again on the open section — this will collapse or expand part of the menu back.

Changing the size of the small package of API requests

Previously, a small package contained 10,000 API requests. Now it includes 1000 of them. The cost remains the same – 0,15 USD\EUR for each thousand requests.

Changes to default supervisor and operator rights

We have added the ability for administrators to configure operator and supervisor access to sections and actions under Security and Access Rights.

The access rights can be configured by administrators of new companies and the old ones, who have never changed the default settings

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