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Consent to the processing of personal data in online chat

We have added a Privacy Policy to widget settings. It activates a request to process the data of your website visitors. When you enable it, a checkbox will appear in the online chat on your site. If users don’t check it, they won't be able to write messages.

To enable this setting, visit Settings > Widget + Online Chat.

Additionally, you can add a link to your own privacy policy or user agreement.

WhatsApp Cloud API

Chat2Desk now supports a new type of WhatsApp Business API integration called Cloud API. This allows you to integrate WhatsApp Business API with Chat2Desk in just a few clicks, without the need for a third-party provider.

The Cloud API integration is more cost-effective and easier to maintain: you only pay for conversations, and it offers higher capacity compared to using a Business Solution Provider (BSP).

Please note that for this type of integration, you will need to contact Meta directly for support.

WhatsApp Business API deposit balance notifications

To keep you informed about your account status and maintain contact with your clients, we will notify the company administrator when the WhatsApp Business API (WABA) deposit is low or depleted. This notification will be sent via email.

An optional email alert will help remind you to top up your WABA account. A similar reminder for users was introduced in the chat center earlier in April 2024.

Disabling self-service menu when an operator is assigned

We have introduced a useful feature for those using self-service menu: operators and customers will no longer be distracted by menu items appearing in ongoing conversations. You can now disable the bot once the chat is assigned to an operator.

For example, if a customer wants to buy a product and sends a number in response to an operator’s question about the quantity, the self-service menu will not interfere.

To enable this feature, go to Automation > Self-service menu > Additional settings.


Set up Write first for channels and operators

You can now either select the operators who can initiate dialogs with customers in the specified channel or the channels available to operators.

Customize operators' access to the option when editing a channel in the Accounts section or select available channels for each individual operator in the Operators section.

Webhooks for selected channels

Previously, when using webhooks, you had to manually filter data from all channels, even if it wasn't needed for a particular integration. To address this, we have added the channels parameter to the POST webhooks request. Now, when setting up a webhook, you can select which channels to track events from. This parameter is optional; if no channels are specified, the webhook will monitor events across all your channels.

Transmit the 2FA status of operators via API to company administrator

Administrators can now use the GET Operators API request to find out if two-factor authentication is enabled for operators. This is made possible by the new two_factor parameter, which has a value of either true or false.

This allows you to promptly receive and communicate information about the status of enabling the option if you use the API to integrate Chat2Desk into your CRM systems.

Saving file names when working via API

For POST Messages and POST Messages_inbox API requests, we added a new parameter “attachment_filename” to make it easier to work with files.

Now you can specify a file name, which will be used when the file is sent to Chat2Desk. The parameter value you specify will be used as the file name. If you do not provide one, the file name will be automatically filled in from the URL where the attachment is available.

Chat search in Chat2Desk SDK

In this release, we have added chat search functionality to the Chat2Desk SDK. This feature enables you to quickly find the necessary information, reduce the waiting time for the operator's response, and allow clients to find the information they need independently.

Please note that the search functionality only works among the messages already downloaded to your mobile device.

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