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  1. New chats: interface changes

New chats can be displayed in 2 views now:

  • Table view (as it was before)

  • Dialog list view (as it is in All chats/Mychats)

When viewing New chats the following options are hidden:

  • text input for operator message;
  • buttons to apply macros and close chat.

Chats displayed in the New chats are not available in All chats.

New chats: Logic changes

For developers and advanced users

When chat assignment is off, the clients' messages are displayed in the New chats, if:

  • there is no dialog with the client yet;
  • the corresponding dialog with the client is closed.

This logic remains the same, but the technical realization has been changed:

How it worked before?

New messages were not creating a new dialog and were not assigned to a closed dialog.

New messages were distinguished from the others by the dialog id = NULL.

How does it work now?

These messages are connected to dialog just upon receival – to an existing closed dialog or to new dialog created. Such dialog is assigned to operator id = NULL.

So, now New chats section displays real dialogs, that are yet unassigned.

New chats: API changes

For developers and advanced users

In the current version a new API parameter is implemented to distinguish new messages.

Now: new messages can be distiguished from the others via API – by parameter new = 1, via scripts – parameter u'dialog: {u'unassigned': True}.

Before: you could only distinguish them by the dialog_id = NULL parameter.

Temporary compatability – until 15.07.2020:

Both parameters are supported – new messages have the following values:

  • API: new = 1, scripts: u'dialog: {u'unassigned': True}
  • dialog id = NULL (despite the fact that technically dialog id is assigned)

The full transition to a new pattern – since 15.07.2020:

Only a new parameter is supported – new messages have the following values:

  • API: new = 1, scripts: u'dialog: {u'unassigned': True}
  • dialog_id = a real dialog_id
  1. Media HSM templates – WhatsApp CM.com

WhatsApp Business API provider CM.com allows to send your clients media templates with attachments: photos, documents, contacts.

Now after creating and approval of a media HSM in a CM.com account, you can send it via Chat2Desk using variable media in the layout.

For example:



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