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Loading visualization when recalculating the number of chats

Before, when refreshing the page with chats and manually refreshing for cus-tom filters, the chat counters displayed 0.

Now when refreshing the counters, you will see an animation and within 3–5 seconds you will see the updated number of chats.

Auto-filling phone number to the client card for Telegram

Long-awaited news for those who communicate with clients via numeric Tele-gram: if someone texts you on the messenger, their phone number will be dis-played in the client_phone field in the client card.

This will only work if a client has given access to their phone number. If the number is hidden, the client's internal ID in Chat2Desk will be displayed. 

Tracking the connection status of Telegram bot and VK

We've added a system that monitors the connection status of Telegram and VK. 

The check happens every 15 minutes. If there are connection problems, you will receive a notification with advice on how to fix the problem.

Notification in chat about adding and removing from the blacklist

Now corresponding system messages will be displayed in the chat with a client when you add it to the blacklist or remove it from there. This allows you to monitor the situation if any issues arise. While clients are blacklisted, corre-spondence with them is not visible.

Editing fields in client's card in Chat2Desk mobile app

Long-awaited update: it is now possible to edit fields in the client card.

You can change all available fields. New fields can still be added only in the web version of Chat2Desk.

Editing client card will be available in an upcoming mobile app update.

“Quick Access” setting in the Self-Service menu

Quick access setting has been added to the self-service menu. It displays the first level menu item for customers on all other menu levels except the first one in a separate block of service commands.

You can enable it in the settings of the self-service menu items.

Search by number of requests in chats

Now you can search for the number of requests in chats. This allows you to search for necessary information in chats quickly. Also, your customers will be able to specify the number of their request and refer to it when interacting in other communication channels and in case of repeated requests.

When searching by request number, the chat will immediately display what you are looking for.

Besides, we've added support for the request_id variable in templates: the number of the currently open request will be automatically substituted. In this case, you can specify only request_id without dialog_id in the address bar, and the address you were looking for will be opened.

Quick paste pictures from clipboard

The good news is that you can now quickly paste images into online chat on the site from the clipboard, via Ctrl+V or right mouse click > Paste.

Images in .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif formats are available for quick pasting.

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