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Access to the URL\UTM tracking section

In the Security & access rights settings, you can now give access to supervisors and operators to view the URL\UTM Tracking section.

Supervisors have this access by default.

Displaying message statuses for an external channel

If you are communicating with customers via an external channel and using API, you can now track message statuses:

  • pending,
  • sent,
  • failed,
  • canceled,
  • delivered,
  • seen.

The status is displayed via a Message (GET) request.

We have implemented the Module Federation

Earlier, we had to rewrite the entire service to update Chat2Desk interface. This was slow and impractical. Now with Module Federation we can gradually replace old elements with new ones.

The new widget for communication with technical support

If you use Chat2Desk for free, test or demo mode, now in the interface you will see an updated widget with messengers. You can use it to contact our technical support, connect features, and ask questions.

Auto updating balance

There is an information about the balance of the account in the Administrator section in the top right corner of the Chat2Desk interface.

Previously, you could only update the data manually by clicking the round arrow near the word Balance.

Now, if you have not updated the data for more than two hours, the system will do it automatically.

New Instagram icon in the widget

Instagram* is a Meta* product. Its activity is banned on the territory of the Russian Federation. That's why we replaced the logo with a similar one as a safety measure. Now it will look like this in the widget:

You can place this image in the widget on your website without any risk.

Other improvements

Fixed bugs and improved Chat2Desk performance.

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