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Sending List Message for WhatsApp Business API 360dialog

We have improved POST/v1/messages request, and now it allows sending List messages to 360dialog via Chat2Desk API. Before the modification, responses to such messages were sent to the service as Unsupported messages.

List messages in WhatsApp are a feature that allows you to create and send interactive list messages to your customers. You can add up to 10 possible options to choose from. Basically, it's a more interactive self-service menu.

List Messages would be useful, like when creating a list of frequently asked questions to automatically respond to support requests or prompting a customer to select a pickup location.

Quotation of WhatsApp Business API messages more than 10 days old

To make it easier to search and reference messages from WhatsApp Business API 360dialog, we've added the feature that allows you to quote messages sent up to 60 days ago, instead of the current 10 days. These will be stored in Chat2Desk until WABA disconnects from the chat center. 

If the quoted message is not found in the database, the interface will display an error Message not found.

Saving file name when messaging in Telegram API and WhatsApp Business API 360dialog

We have improved the integration of Telegram API and WhatsApp Business API 360dialog, and now the original file name will be preserved when sending or receiving a message with an attachment.

Telegram supports file name transfer for the following attachment types:

  • mp3,
  • mp4,
  • doc/docx,
  • xls/xlsx,
  • pdf,
  • zip,
  • rar.

WhatsApp Business API 360dialog will transfer the name for the attachment files:

  • mp3,
  • mp4,
  • doc/docx,
  • xls/xlsx,
  • pdf.

File names are not transferred for voice/ogg messages and jpg/jpeg/png images.

Please note that the maximum file name length is limited to 63 characters due to Telegram restrictions. If the file name is longer, it will be shortened.

Improved POST messages/inbox method

Previously, the POST messages/inbox method did not allow you to add a client's phone number and other additional data to the card immediately when creating a chat. Instead, a PUT client request was used after the chat was created. This caused confusing webhooks and led to problems with Avito, Youla, Drom and HeadHunter integrations.

Now, when a new client requests through an external channel, its creation with the required data is performed without additional requests to Chat2Desk.

For the method, we added the option to use additional fields in the body of the request:

  • client_phone – client phone number,
  • custom_fields – additional fields of the client card.

Setting Write First feature restrictions for operators

The administrator now can configure the use of the Write first to specific operators: to do this, go to the Operators section and select an operator by clicking on the pencil icon.

Note that editing access to an option in the Operators section will be available even if you have not connected it.

You can configure the use of Write First for all operators and supervisors under Settings > Security and access rights. This is a different way of mass customization and does not activate access to the option for each individual operator.

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