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Sending messages on Instagram after 24 hours

Now you can text a client on Instagram even 24 hours after the last message, i.e., outside the allowed period. To do this, you need to add HUMAN_AGENT tag to the message. Then it should look like this:

@FB-tag <HUMAN_AGENT>@ Message text

Learn more about working with Facebook* tags in our article.

Charging of API-requests over 100 000 requests per month

At the beginning of each month, Chat2Desk provides all customers with a free package of 100,000 API requests. Once the limit of 100,000 free API requests is reached, additional requests will be charged according to our pricing: 0,15 USD\EUR for every 1,000 requests (assuming no additional API request packages are connected).

Closing a minimized widget

Sometimes a widget can overlap some elements of the site and prevent your customers from using it. To prevent this, we've added the ability to close the widget.

You can set whether to show or hide the close button on the widget under Settings > Widget + Online Chat.


Automatic disconnection of access for technical support

Now this option has a timeout. If you do not disable access to your account for technical support within 8 hours, it will be disabled automatically. The option also allows you to give a one-time extension of access.

You can enable or disable access for technical support in Settings > Security and access rights.

Two-Factor Authentication

Chat2Desk now has the option to connect two-factor authentication. This is an additional level of security to protect your account. No one will be able to access your data without a unique code from the authentication app.

Only an administrator can enable two-factor authentication for a company under Settings > Security and access rights > Two-factor authentication.


After that, each user has the option to enable two-factor authentication. When logging in to their account, operators will have to enter a password and a one-time code from the authentication app.

If two-factor authentication is enabled for the account of your company in Chat2Desk, it will also work for the mobile app.

Variables for buttons in HSM templates

Now you can add a variable to the link you send within Call-to-action button in HSM template, as well as in the header. For example, if you send a link to an order or a request, only the part where you will use the variable changes.

E.g., https://web.chat2desk.com/chat/my?dialogID=4153879&request_id=0000001

You create a template in your 360dialog account. The format, text, and location of variables are also configured there. Variable values are set when sending HSM-template within Chat2Desk.


Read this article to learn how to work the WhatsApp Business API templates.

Reverse message sorting

We have added additional parameter direction_reverse: true to Messages (GET) in API. Now you can sample messages with start_id in reverse direction. This allows you to fetch earlier messages from your conversations and improves interaction with the API.

Deactivating and removing unpaid services

Every day, the automatic billing system checks if your account has unpaid features that are financially blocked. If the feature is blocked for more than 14 days, the billing system deactivates it. If the financial block is more than 60 days, it deletes them.

📱 What's new in the mobile app

  • We made links clickable in chats, comments, and client cards.
  • Registration login, company name and phone number are visible in the settings now.
  • We added support for two-factor authentication in the app.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

For the new features to work properly, we suggest updating the mobile app to its latest version.

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