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Mobile app

Write first

Now you can text a client first in WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and via Email using Chat2Desk mobile app. Previously, this was only possible in the desktop version.

  1. Open the Chat2Desk mobile app.
  2. Tap the pencil icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Next, select the channel with the messenger and the account. This is the phone number from which the message will be sent.
  4. Enter the client's phone number.
  5. Enter the text of the message and add a file: PDF or picture.

You can access a message template in the text field, including an HSM template. Start typing “-” and the system will prompt you to select the template you need.


You can also create an empty chat without sending a message. It is required to commit a client in Chat2Desk database and write to them later.

In order to text first in messengers, connect the option “Write first”.

Opening a chat link

If you were sent a link to the chat in this form https://web.chat2desk.com/chat/my?dialogID=0000001, you can open it on your smartphone and get into this very chat with the client in your Chat2Desk account.

This will only work if you are already logged into the application. If you are not logged in, then after entering your username and password, a list of all chats will open.


  • If you do not want your employees to have access to the mobile app, you can restrict it under Settings > Security and access rights. The administrator always has access to the mobile app.
  • We have fixed minor bugs and generally improved the work of the application.

Chat2Desk mobile app is available for Android and iOS. Download the version you need by clicking on the links:

Restarting WhatsApp

If your WhatsApp account is slow or crashing, you can reset the connection yourself. This may stabilize it. However, if rebooting doesn't help, please text us via the widget in the bottom right corner of our website.

  1. Open Settings > Accounts and Channels.
  2. Open the channel where WhatsApp is connected.
  3. Press Restart.

The button has a timeout: the next time you will be able to restart WhatsApp only after 5 minutes.

Billing startup

We have launched a new certified billing system.

  • It allows you to bill automatically, send payment links, process payments and debits.
  • You can also connect and disconnect messengers and options yourself.
  • Your account will have a balance that is calculated automatically.

Main features of the transition to billing:

  • Charges for using Chat2Desk will occur daily.
  • Bills for payment will be generated automatically for a month (you can issue bills manually for any period divisible by months) and sent to you when the balance decreases.
  • The form of closing documents will change. Instead of one act, specifying all options, there will be two documents: a consolidated report and a list of what the total amount is made.
  • After switching to automated billing, your balance may work incorrect. It happens due to billing adjustment. It happens due to billing adjustment.

Changes in the “Sales funnels” option

We are introducing changes to the Sales Funnels option.

  • We've changed the name to Chatbot builder. The funnels that you create in the builder are now called Scenarios. Access to the option does not change. You can get there through the Chat2Desk main menu.
  • You can now enable and disable this option yourself: use Chatbot builder > Main section (previously Sales Funnels).

  • The name of the chatbot that responds to keywords has also changed. It is now called Answer bot. It is still accessible under Settings.

Chat2Desk App Redesign

  • A single version of the app for Android and iOS. There is a seamless transition when you change smartphones, so now you don't have to retrain.

  • Filter. We made the filter more logical: now chats are conveniently viewed by their properties: open and closed, overdue and unread. You can also sort them by date.

  • Chat screen. We updated the layout of messages, made it easier to view a contact, and changed the input field. The text entry area is larger now.

  • Quick actions and popup menu. We updated the design of the pop-up menu. The window became more intuitive due to icons.

  • Settings. We updated the color scheme, got rid of unnecessary icons and added explanations to the settings menu items.

  • Tags. We've completely redesigned the tag window: now they take up less space. You can edit them using the button at the bottom. We also updated the tag editor itself.

Instagram comments

You can now accept and respond to comments on Instagram posts directly within a chat with customers in Chat2Desk.

A comment will be displayed the same way as a message from a client. The message will contain a link to the post and a picture from the post. If you need to reply to a comment, click on the arrow at the bottom of the post. Comments are included in the cost of Instagram API and do not require additional payment.

Write First in Telegram

Now you can text first to your clients in Telegram. The function works the same way as in WhatsApp and Viber. Just click Contact a new client, specify the number, and type a message. This will only work with numeric Telegram, and only if customers allow seeing their phone numbers in the privacy settings of the messenger.

The option costs $30. If you already have this option for WhatsApp and Viber, it is automatically activated for Telegram as well. No additional costs are required (except for the Telegram fee).

API documentation has moved to Postman

This news goes out to developers and those who work with Chat2Desk API.

The API manual moved to the Postman for convenience. Previously, it was a separate PDF-document in the service interface. It's no longer up to date. Now the API manual is available here.

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