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Enhancement in online chat

  1. A new feature allows to create a dialog when a user opens chat even before he or she sends the first message.

Along with this option you can set daily deletion of empty chats in order not to distract operators.


  1. User interface is enhanced with:
  • new message sound notifications (can be turned off in chat heading);
  • visual badges with unread messages counter;
  • scroll to the last message.

Filters and sorting by operators and groups

Filter and sorting options are added for tables in section Settings -> Operators.

  • Table Operators:
    • by default, records are sorted by Last name (ascending);
    • sorting is available by columns Last name, First name, Last log-in;
    • filter is available on columns Role, New chats, Status.
  • Table Groups:
    • sorting is available by columns Group name, Number of members.
  • Table Operators in group:
    • sorting is available by columns Name and Skill;
    • filter is available on column Role.

Chatbot keyword syntax

Now you can adjust chatbot keyword sets with extended syntax in section Settings -> Chatbot.

'keyword' — bot responds to a complete match;

*keyword — bot responds to an occurrence at the end of the word;

keyword* — bot responds to an occurrence at the beginning of the word;

*keyword* — bot responds to an occurrence in the middle of the word.

User time zone in extended reports

Now all reports in the section Dashboard -> Extended reports follow user time-zone, set in operation system.


  • When filtering data:

If a user chooses filter Today or Yesterday, beginning of the day will be set according to a user time-zone.

  • When displaying data:

Date/Time of receiving message in the report is displayed according to a user time-zone.


Changes in API and Python-scripts

  1. New events for webhook subscription are added:
  • delete_tag_from_request — when a tag is removed from  request;
  • client_updated — when info in client card changed.
  1. Parameter avatar (URL to operator’s avatar) is added to response for operators (GET) method.
  2. New events for Python-scripts are added:
  • add_tag_to_request — when a tag is assigned to a request;
  • delete_tag_from_request — when a tag is removed from a request.

Other enhancements

  • Filter by messenger is added for ratings in section Settings -> Quality survey.


This filter can be used to set up different quality survey texts for different messengers. For example, you can use text of HSM template to send ratings from WhatsApp Business API accounts.


  • Algorithm of picking templates using a quick command is improved: first, system displays templates, where search word appears in quick command, second — in template name, third – in template text.

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