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Auto-add client's nickname to their card via Instagram API

News for those who use Instagram* API: now, a nickname will be automatically added to the client's card when they contact you. It will be automatically checked and updated with each incoming message. The client's nickname will be displayed in their card in a new field called Client login.

It will be useful in case you need to contact the client directly.

Possibility of payment by bank card

In the Billing section it is now possible to pay for services with a bank card. This allows you to stay connected at any moment and avoid disconnection.

Payment by bank card is intended for individuals when paying in rubles or currency. The system operates with YooKassa (for payment in rubles) and with PayPro (for payment in currency).

There are two options available: recommended payment and arbitrary payment.

Recommended payment suggests a fixed choice of payment period: 1 month, quarter, six months, year.


Arbitrary payment allows you to deposit between 100 and 10,000 euros or dollars into your account.

WABA 360dialog balance display fixes

We have changed the display of WhatsApp Business API deposit balance information to make it easier to figure out exactly “where” and “what”. Deposit balance has turned into Your balance on WhatsApp Business API conversations.

Also the format of the balance display has been fixed.

Notifications about WhatsApp issues on Chat2Desk hosting

Before, when the WhatsApp number was down, the same banner was displayed for different types of hardware: both client and Chat2Desk hosting.

To make it easier to understand which hosting is having issues, we've added a notification that WhatsApp is not working on Chat2Desk hosting.

Partner section

We have added a new section for partners. It displays the status of a partner account, links for client registration, and a link to the API collection for partners.


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