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Improved reports in aggregated statistics

We reworked the statistics module to make it easier to work with reports. Now the grouping of reports is more logical, graphs and charts are clear and informative.

Reports are available in the main side menu, and they are divided into groups: Operators (actions), Quality survey and Traffic.

Let's find out more about what's changed in the reports and what new things we've added.

Operators section:

  • Time in statuses by operator. Unlike the previous version, it counts the operator's presence in each status, not only Online.
  • Current statuses of operators. Operator id, role and email have been removed from the report. First name and last name are combined into one parameter.
  • Operator statuses. The report now does not show deleted and blocked operators.

Quality score section:

  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). A new report that displays all scores for a selected period and their percentage based on the total number of quality score requests.

Traffic section:

  • First call resolution (FCR). A new report that displays the number of customers who contacted for the first time or repeatedly, and what percentage of customers made repeated contacts for the selected period.
  • New clients list. The report displays values of custom fields of the client card. We added the Link column with a link to the dialog, and removed unnecessary information from the Date column.

The new report types do not replace the old ones and will only work if you enabled the Aggregated statistics option.

WhatsApp Business API updates

Connection of multiple numbers to one account

It is now possible to connect multiple WhatsApp Business API 360dialog numbers to Chat2Desk on Cloud hosting. Previously, you couldn't connect more than one number due to technical limitations of the integration.

Display attachments when quoting messages

We have improved the quoting of messages with attachments for WABA 360dialog. Now, if you quote a message with an attachment within Chat2Desk, WhatsApp will display the text and the attachment itself of the original message. When you quote a message with an attachment via WhatsApp, chat center will display the message itself and a link to the attachment from the quoted message.

This update will make it easier to exchange messages and keep things contextualized.

Notification of deposit expiration

Company admin can set up an alert threshold for deposit to control the balance of WhatsApp Business API. When the balance gets lower than the specified threshold, you will receive a notification reminding you to top up the deposit.

You can set the WhatsApp Business API balance notification threshold in the Billing section.

Ticket system improvements

We keep improving the functionality of the ticket system. Now links in ticket descriptions are clickable and open without copying and pasting them into a browser tab.

We have also updated the interface elements of the tickets table.

Quitting active sessions when changing the password

Changing the password now automatically logs out other active sessions on the devices. For example, if an administrator changes the password for an operator, their session is automatically logged out on all devices. This feature enhances account security and helps prevent unauthorized access.

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